Getting Started

Download and install Beta DC/OS Monitoring Service

WARNING: Beta Software This software may contain bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies. Contact Mesosphere before deploying a beta candidate service. Product support is available to approved participants in the beta test program. Contact for information about participation.

In this section, you will download and install the Beta DC/OS Monitoring service. By default, Prometheus and Grafana are run with the default configuration options. Alert Manager is off by default and must be configured by the user in order to be run.


  • DC/OS Enterprise 1.12 or later.
  • DC/OS CLI is installed.
  • You are logged in as a superuser.

Install Beta DC/OS Monitoring service

Download the package

The Beta DC/OS Monitoring package is installable via the catalog.

Install the service

Use the following command to install the service.

dcos package install beta-dcos-monitoring --package-version=<VERSION>

NOTE: The command `dcos package install` will install the package CLI and the service.

Verify service deployment

After installing the package CLI, you can monitor the deployment of your service. Run the command:

dcos beta-dcos-monitoring plan show deploy

Access Grafana dashboards

Assuming the service name is beta-dcos-monitoring (default), you should be able to access the Grafana dashboards using the following URL:


See more details in Accessing the Grafana UI.