Tutorial - Troubleshooting issues on DC/OS deployments

IMPORTANT: Mesosphere does not support this tutorial, associated scripts, or commands, which are provided without warranty of any kind. The purpose of this tutorial is purely to demonstrate capabilities, and it may not be suited for use in a production environment. Before using a similar solution in your environment, you should adapt, validate, and test.

Problems with Application Deployment

Some of the problems that may need troubleshooting on DC/OS include applications:

  • Not deploying at all
  • Deploying very slowly
  • Deploying but do not start correctly (or behave incorrectly)
  • Restarting repeatedly
  • Not being reachable inside (or outside) of the DC/OS cluster

DC/OS consists of a number of different components - most notably Apache Mesos and Marathon. As any of these components could be involved in the issue you are encountering, it can be difficult to even locate the component causing your issue. Accordingly, this tutorial aims to cover several types of such issues.

Of course, there are a several other categories of problems that can affect your cluster besides application-related failures; networking problems, DC/OS installation issues, and DC/OS internal configuration issues could each be causing issues on your cluster. Although these are out of scope for this tutorial, we encourage you to reach out via our Community channels with ideas and feedback.