Configure the connection to a DC/OS cluster, attach to the cluster, and authenticate to DC/OS.


dcos cluster setup <dcos_url> [OPTIONS]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--ca-certs=<ca-certs> Enterprise The path to a list of trusted CAs to verify requests against.
--insecure Allow requests to bypass SSL certificate verification. Analogous to dcos config set core.ssl_verify=False
--no-check Enterprise Do not check the CA certificate downloaded from the cluster. This is insecure.
--password-env=<password_env> The name of an environment variable that contains the password for login.
--password-file=<password_file> The path to a file that contains the password for login.
--password=<password> The password for login. This is insecure.
--private-key=<key_path> The path to a file that contains the private key.
--provider=<provider_id> Enterprise The authentication provider to use for login.
--username=<username> The username for login.

SSL options

If you do not specify one of the SSL options --insecure, --no-check, or --ca-certs, the CA certificate is downloaded from the cluster and a sha256 fingerprint of the certificate is presented to you for verification.

Positional arguments

Name, shorthand Default Description
<dcos_url> A publicly accessible proxy IP address to a master node.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos cluster Manage DC/OS clusters.


For examples, see the Connecting to Multiple Clusters documentation.