dcos config set

Adding or setting DC/OS configuration properties


The dcos config set command allows you to add or set DC/OS configuration properties. Table 1 show the available properties.

Table 1 - dcos config set properties

Property Description
core.dcos_acs_token The DC/OS authentication token. When you log into the DC/OS CLI using dcos auth login, it stores the authentication token value locally. For more information, see the IAM API.
core.dcos_url The public master URL of your DC/OS cluster.
core.mesos_master_url The Mesos master URL. Defaults to core.dcos_url.
core.pagination Indicates whether to paginate output. Defaults to true.
core.ssl_verify Indicates whether to verify SSL certificates or set the path to the SSL certificates.
core.timeout The request timeout in seconds, with a minimum value of 1 second. Defaults to 3 minutes.


dcos config set <name> <value> [OPTION]

Positional arguments

Name, shorthand Description
<name> The name of the property.
<value> The value of the property.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos config Manage DC/OS configuration.


Set request timeout

In this example, the request timeout is set to five minutes.

dcos config set core.timeout 300

Here is the output:

[core.timeout]: set to '300'

Set SSL setting

In this example, verification of SSL certificates for HTTPS is set to true.

dcos config set core.ssl_verify true

Here is the output:

[core.ssl_verify]: set to 'true'