Getting started with DC/OS

This collection of tutorials will teach you how to run and operate services in a production environment using DC/OS.

  • DC/OS 101 - This tutorial includes basic recipes for developing and orchestrating applications for a distributed landscape. To provide hands-on experience, you will develop and deploy multiple applications (including stateful, dockerized, and non-dockerized) on an actual cluster during each step of the tutorial.

  • Creating and Running a Service - This tutorial shows how to create and deploy a simple one-command service and a containerized service using both the DC/OS web interface and the CLI.

  • Running Stateful Services on DC/OS - This tutorial shows you how to install and run stateful services on DC/OS.

  • Autoscaling with Marathon - These are three tutorials that will take you through the process of autoscaling Marathon services based on CPU and memory, requests per second, or queue length.

  • Deploying a Load-Balanced Data Pipeline shows you how to build a load-balanced data pipeline on DC/OS in 15 minutes.

  • Deploying Marathon Apps with Jenkins - This tutorial shows how to deploy applications on Marathon using Jenkins for DC/OS. It will walk you through creating a new Jenkins job, publishing a Docker container on source code changes, and deploying those changes to Marathon based on the application definition contained in the project’s marathon.json file.

  • Labeling Tasks and Jobs - This tutorial illustrates how labels can be defined using the DC/OS web interface and the Marathon HTTP API, and how information pertaining to applications and jobs that are running can be queried based on label value criteria.

  • Debugging Applications on DC/OS - This set of tutorials provide a top-down introduction to debugging applications during and after their deployment on DC/OS.