Package Registry


Understanding the package registry and its limitations

The DC/OS Package Registry is a service for packaging, distributing, storing and delivering DC/OS Package for DC/OS. A DC/OS Package is a self-contained file which contains everything needed to run a DC/OS Service. This includes metadata information, configuration information, general resources and Docker images required by the DC/OS Service.

Enabled operations

This service allows you to run DC/OS Services by storing DC/OS Packages local to the cluster. This allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Operating a fully air-gapped cluster
  • Deploying DC/OS Services using intranet latency and bandwidth
  • Managing DC/OS Packages individually with the ability to add new packages and upgrade individual services incrementally


  • Inability to change storage back end after initial deployment
  • Multiple DC/OS clusters with a single DC/OS Package Registry
  • Metrics for local storage (S3 metrics are out of scope). For example, alerts on low disk space are not implemented yet.

NOTE: Package registry v0.2.1 is supported for DC/OS 1.12.1 and above.