Installing a DC/OS Package Registry

Installing DC/OS Package Registry CLI

DC/OS Package Registry comes installed with a CLI, but if you need to install it again, use the following command:

dcos package install package-registry --cli

Downloading Packages

For a list of DC/OS Packages supported by DC/OS Package Registry see the offical list of supported packages.

Example: To download a version of Jenkins:


Adding Packages

DC/OS Packages are added to a DC/OS Package Registry with the dcos registry add command.

Example: To add a version of Jenkins to a registry, enter:

dcos registry add --dcos-file jenkins-3.5.2-2.107.2.dcos

Describing and Listing Packages

Use the dcos registry describe command to describe a DC/OS Package.

Example: To describe a version of the Jenkins DC/OS Package, enter:

dcos registry describe --package-name jenkins --package-version 3.5.2-2.107.2

To list all added packages:

dcos package search

Removing Packages

Use the dcos registry remove command to remove an added DC/OS Package.

Example: To remove a version of the Jenkins DC/OS Package, enter:

dcos registry remove --package-name jenkins --package-version 3.5.2-2.107.2

WARNING: Removing a package while a service is still deployed may cause the service to stop working.

Installing DC/OS Services from DC/OS Packages

A DC/OS Service can be installed from the packages added to the DC/OS Package Registry using either the CLI or the GUI.

Example: To install a version of Jenkins using the CLI, enter:

dcos package install jenkins