Managing a DC/OS Package Registry

Updating Settings

Executing dcos package describe --config package-registry after installing the bootstrap registry gives you a wide range of configuration options. The service options can be updated only through the DC/OS GUI.

Monitoring and Health Checks

DC/OS Package Registry service exposes an HTTP API endpoint (/health) for checking the health of the registry. When you deploy this service in DC/OS, the Mesos Agent command health checker is configured to check its health. Use the dcos marathon task list <service-name> command for a list of all the containers and their health status.

dcos marathon task list registry



Use the dcos task log command to download the logs for DC/OS Package Registry. DC/OS also has support for log aggregation. Assuming the default service name, registry again, the lastest log entries can be fetched using:

dcos task log registry


DC/OS Package Registry reports application metrics to the DC/OS Metrics service. The latest of these values can be fetched by using dcos task metrics details:

dcos task metrics details registry | sort

Disaster Recovery

DC/OS Package Registry does not have native support for disaster recovery. Instead it is recommended that you backup all DC/OS Packages before adding them to a DC/OS Package Registry.