Planning to use a DC/OS Package Registry



Given the default configuration of the DC/OS Package Registry, DC/OS Packages are stored in a local persistent volume in the host filesystem. When using this default storage configuration, you are limited to one instance of the registry. The DC/OS Package Registry also supports storing DC/OS Packages via S3 storage which support deploying more than one instance of the registry.

S3 Storage Option

To configure a DC/OS Package Registry to store DC/OS Packages using S3 storage, you must provide the specific S3 endpoint, bucket name, access key, and secret key. When using Amazon S3, please refer to Amazon S3 Regions & Endpoints for more details on possible endpoints.

Upload the S3 credential to the DC/OS Secret store

dcos security secrets create -f ~/.aws/credentials <registry-s3-credential-file>

For information on how to create an AWS Credential file, please see the AWS CLI User Guide.

Configure and Install DC/OS Package Registry

echo '{
  "registry": {
    "service-account-secret-path": "registry-private-key",
    "s3" : {
      "credential-secret-path" : "registry-s3-credential-file",
      "credential-profile-name" : "default",
      "bucket" : "my-bucket",
      "path" : "my-path-in-bucket",
      "endpoint" : ""
    "service" : {
      "instances" : 2
}' > registry-options.json

The default configuration sets the secrets for the service account for the DC/OS Package Registry to be stored in registry-private-key in the DC/OS Secret Store. Moreover, If that is not the case please replace registry-private-key with the correct filename.

NOTE: You must override the value for the properties bucket, path and endpoint to match the S3 configuration.

Docker Engine Integration

For the Docker daemon to be able to fetch images stored in DC/OS Package Registry, it must be configured to trust the DC/OS Package Registry. Docker provides configuration documentation to assist with this. The name of the registry will be <service-name> where <service-name> is the name of the service used when installing the DC/OS Package Registry. By default, the service name is registry.

To configure the Docker daemon in all of the DC/OS Agents (Public and Private) to trust the default configuration of the DC/OS Package Registry execute the following commands:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/
sudo cp /run/dcos/pki/CA/ca-bundle.crt /etc/docker/certs.d/
sudo systemctl restart docker

This configuration must be performed on all of the DC/OS Agents.