Enabling and using experimental CLI features

The DC/OS CLI offers experimental features which are still in development and may still contain bugs.

Experiments are activated by setting a certain environment variable.

Reporting Issues

If you encounter an issue with one of our experimental features, please file a ticket.

Make sure to set the component to dcos-cli and the team to CLI Team. In the description, please include the experiments you have enabled and debug output from the command using the -vv flag.

Currently Active Experiments

Automatic Installation of Core and Enterprise CLI Plugins


When running dcos cluster setup, this experiment enables automatic installation of the Core and Enterprise CLI plugins from Cosmos. There are Core CLI plugins available in Cosmos for DC/OS 1.10+.

For this to be successful, the user will need to have the dcos:adminrouter:package permission in order to make calls to Cosmos. Also, the system needs access to the internet or a local universe.