Using the GUI for DC/OS management

The DC/OS GUI provides a rich graphical view of your DC/OS cluster. With the GUI you can view the current state of your entire cluster and DC/OS services. The GUI is installed as a part of your DC/OS installation.


Figure 1. Dashboard

Header Bar Menus

On the header bar, the username and cluster name are displayed as menus.

In the user menu, there is a link for user sign out:

DC/OS UI User Menu

Figure 2. Header Bar User Menu

In the cluster menu, there are links for: Cluster Overview, Documentation and CLI Installation.

DC/OS UI Cluster Menu

Figure 3. Header Bar Cluster Menu

For DC/OS Enterprise, there is also a link for administering linked clusters.

DC/OS UI Cluster Menu with Linked Cluster

Figure 4. Cluster Menu with Switch Cluster Option