Enable Mesos Metrics

Monitoring Mesos with Telegraf

You can configure DC/OS, version 1.12 or newer, to gather observability metrics from each Mesos agent and master.

The Mesos input plugin in Telegraf is controlled by an option in the config.yaml file called enable_mesos_input_plugin. To enable the plugin, enable_mesos_input_plugin needs to be set to true (it is currently defaulted to false). Instructions on how to create a configuration file for on-prem installation can be found here. To modify a configuration file on an existing on-prem cluster, you must patch the existing DC/OS version. For cloud installations, configuration and installation instructions for each supported cloud provider can be found here.

Viewing metrics for Mesos masters and agents

You can review the complete list of the metrics produced by Mesos in the Mesos documentation on observability metrics. You should note that the database in which metrics are stored might require the metric names to be modified. For example, the forward-slash (/) character is illegal in Prometheus metric names, so the master/uptime_secs name is available in Prometheus as master_uptime_secs.