SSHing into Nodes

These instructions explain how to set up an SSH connection to your DC/OS cluster from an outside network. If you are on the same network as your cluster or connected by using VPN, you can instead use the dcos node ssh command. For more information, see the dcos node section of the CLI reference.…Read More

Finding a Public Agent IP

After you have installed DC/OS with a public agent node declared, you can navigate to the public IP address of your public agent node.…Read More

Component Management

The component management API controls installation and management of DC/OS component services. It is used by the DC/OS installer during install, upgrade, and uninstall. It is not designed for interaction by DC/OS users.…Read More

Securing a Cluster

This topic discusses the security features in DC/OS and best practices for deploying DC/OS securely.…Read More

Managing AWS

The DC/OS AWS CloudFormation template is optimized to run DC/OS, but you might want to change the number of agent nodes based on your needs.…Read More

Managing Package Repositories

DC/OS comes pre-configured with the Mesosphere Universe package repository as the provider of DC/OS packages, but other package repositories can also be added.…Read More

Converting Agent Node Types

You can convert agent nodes to public or private for an existing DC/OS cluster.…Read More

Adding Agent Nodes

You can add agent nodes to an existing DC/OS cluster.…Read More

Updating Nodes

You can update agent nodes in an active DC/OS cluster by using maintenance windows or by manually killing agents. Maintenance windows are the preferred method since this is generally more stable and less error prone.…Read More

Recovering Agent Disk Space

If tasks fill up the reserved volume of an agent node, there are a few options to recover space:…Read More

Deploying a Local Universe

You can install and run DC/OS services on a datacenter without internet access with a local Universe. You can install a local Universe that includes the default packages (easiest), or select your own set of local Universe packages (advanced).…Read More