This command manages the DC/OS configuration file. A default configuration file is created during initial DCOS CLI setup and is located in ~/.dcos/dcos.toml.

Environment variables

Configuration properties all have corresponding environment variables. If a property is in the “core” section (ex. “”, it corresponds to environment variable DCOS_FOO. All other properties (ex “”) correspond to environment variable DCOS_FOO_BAR.

Environment variables take precedence over corresponding configuration property.


dcos config 


Name, shorthand Default Description
--help, h Print usage.
--info Print a short description of this subcommand.
--version, v Print version information.

Child commands

Command Description
dcos config set Add or set a DC/OS configuration property.
dcos config show Print the DC/OS configuration file contents.
dcos config unset Remove a property from the configuration file.
dcos config validate Validate changes to the configuration file.