Install and manage DC/OS software packages.


dcos package


Name, shorthand Default Description
--config-schema Show the configuration schema for the subcommand.
--help, h Print usage.
--info Print a short description of this subcommand.
--version, v Print version information.

Child commands

Command Description
dcos package describe Get specific details for packages.
dcos package install Install a package.
dcos package list Print a list of the installed DC/OS packages.
dcos package repo add Add a package repository to DC/OS.
dcos package repo list Remove a package repository from DC/OS.
dcos package repo remove Remove a package repository from DC/OS.
dcos package search Search the package repository.
dcos package uninstall Uninstall a package.
dcos package update This command has been deprecated. Repositories are dynamically updated when they are added by the dcos package repo add command.