You can access DC/OS CLI configuration with this command:

dcos config show

You should see this output:


This configuration is stored in the ~/.dcos/dcos.toml configuration file.

Configuring the DC/OS URL

If you are using multiple DC/OS installations (e.g. dev, test, prod), you might have to reconfigure the CLI to point to a new cluster. This can be done by changing the value of the dcos_url configuration field.

  • View the current value of dcos_url with this command:

    dcos config show core.dcos_url
  • Update the value of dcos_url with this command:

    dcos config set core.dcos_url
Subsequent commands will now be issued to the updated URL.

Configuring HTTP Proxy

If you use a proxy server to connect to the internet, you can configure the CLI to use your proxy server.


  • pip version 7.1.0 or greater.
  • The http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables are defined to use pip.

To configure a proxy for the CLI:

  • From the CLI terminal, define the environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy:

    export http_proxy=’http://<user>:<pass>@<proxy_host>:<http_proxy_port>’
    export https_proxy=’https://<user>:<pass>@<proxy_host>:<https_proxy_port>’
  • Define no_proxy for domains that you don’t want to use the proxy for:

    export no_proxy=".mesos,,,.zk,,localhost,,”