Installing a service using the CLI

The general syntax for installing a service with the CLI follows.

dcos package install [--options=<config-file-name>.json] <servicename>

Use the optional --options flag to specify the name of the customized JSON file you created in advanced configuration.

For example, you would use the following command to install Chronos with the default parameters.

dcos package install chronos

Installing a service using the GUI

From the DC/OS GUI you can install services from the Services or Universe tab. The Universe tab shows all of the available DC/OS services from package repositories. The Services tab provides a full featured interface to the native DC/OS Marathon instance.

Universe tab

  1. Navigate to the Universe > Packages page in the DC/OS GUI.


  2. Choose your package and click INSTALL PACKAGE.

  3. Confirm your installation or choose ADVANCED INSTALLATION.

Services tab

  1. Navigate to the Services tab in the DC/OS GUI.

  2. Click RUN A SERVICE and specify your Marathon app definition.

    service tab

Verifying your installation


dcos package list


Go to the Services tab and confirm that the service is running. For more information, see the GUI documentation.


Tip: Some services from the “Community Packages” section of the Universe will not show up in the DC/OS service listing. For these, inspect the service’s Marathon app in the Marathon GUI to verify that the service is running and healthy.