The DC/OS web interface provides a rich graphical view of your DC/OS cluster. With the web interface you can view the current state of your entire cluster and DC/OS services. The web interface is installed as a part of your DC/OS installation.

Additionally, there is a User Menu on the upper-left side of the web interface that includes links for documentation, CLI installation, and user sign out.


The dashboard is the home page of the DC/OS web interface and provides an overview of your DC/OS cluster.…Read More


The Services tab provides a full-featured interface to the native DC/OS Marathon instance. This Services tab provides a comprehensive view of all of the services that you are running. You can filter services by health, status, or service name.…Read More


The Jobs tab provides native support for creating and administering scheduled jobs. You can set up jobs with a scheduler by using the cron format. For more information, see the documentation.…Read More


The Universe tab shows all of the available DC/OS services. You can install packages from the DC/OS Universe with a single click. The packages can be installed with defaults or customized directly in the web interface.…Read More


The Nodes tab provides a comprehensive view of all of the nodes that are used across your cluster. You can view a graph that shows the allocation percentage rate for CPU, memory, or disk.…Read More


The Networking tab provides a comprehensive view of the health of your VIPs. For more information, see the documentation.…Read More



The Security tab provides secret and certificates management. For more information, see the secrets and certificate documentation.…Read More

System Overview

View the cluster details from the System Overview tab.…Read More


View the system health of your DC/OS components from the Components tab.…Read More


In the Settings tab you can manage package repositories.…Read More


Manage user access from the Organization tab.…Read More