Patching live clusters with no downtime

A DC/OS patch describes a set of changes and supporting data designed to update, fix, or improve the features/functionality of DC/OS. A point release that consists of minor changes is also called a patch.

A patching process includes the following:

  • Addresses fixed issues, known issues/limitations, notable changes and security enhancements.
  • Does not impact workloads which is an essential piece of patching live clusters with no downtime.
  • Helps users to understand the minor changes impacting the functionality of DC/OS.

Example: DC/OS 1.X.A to 1.X.B (1.9.1 --> 1.9.2)

Note: A patching process occurs only between minor releases.

There are no specific instructions for patching since it occurs as a part of the release. Refer to Upgrading instructions for upgrading DC/OS.