Obtaining the DC/OS CA bundle



To ensure that you are communicating with your DC/OS cluster and not another potentially malicious party, you must obtain the appropriate trust anchor. This trust anchor is part of the DC/OS CA bundle which is a collection of root CA certificates. In the simplest case, it just contains one item: the root CA certificate corresponding to the DC/OS certificate authority. You can obtain the DC/OS CA bundle, using one of these methods:

Retrieving the DC/OS CA bundle out of band

The DC/OS CA bundle is located on any master node at the file system path /run/dcos/pki/CA/ca-bundle.crt. For maximum security, you should manually retrieve this file. Alternatively, a reasonably secure method is to SSH into one of the master nodes to obtain the file, if the master nodes cannot be accessed physically.

Tip: For simplification and to more easily use the curl commands provided elsewhere in the documentation, you can rename the file from ca-bundle.crt to e.g., dcos-ca.crt.

Using curl to retrieve the DC/OS CA bundle

IMPORTANT: If you are using `curl` to retrieve the DC/OS CA bundle, you must use the `-k`/`--insecure` flag. If the communication is performed through HTTPS, this flag disables server certificate verification. This allows for a man-in-the-middle attack, where a malicious party in the network path could send a bad CA bundle, causing you to trust entities from outside your DC/OS cluster.

Use the following command to retrieve the DC/OS CA bundle and save it in the current directory:

curl -k -v $(dcos config show core.dcos_url)/ca/dcos-ca.crt -o dcos-ca.crt

Prerequisite: You must have the DC/OS CLI installed in order to retrieve the cluster URL.