The overview topics help you get started and learn the DC/OS fundamentals.

DC/OS is a distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel. It enables the management of multiple machines as if they were a single computer. It automates resource management, schedules process placement, facilitates inter-process communication, and simplifies the installation and management of distributed services. Its included web interface and available command-line interface (CLI) facilitate remote management and monitoring of the cluster and its services.

What is DC/OS?

As a distributed system, DC/OS is itself a distributed system, a cluster manager, a container platform, and an operating system.…Read More


DC/OS is a platform for running distributed containerized software, like apps, jobs, and services. As a platform, DC/OS is distinct from and agnostic to the infrastructure layer. This means that the infrastructure may consist of virtual or physical hardware as long as it provides compute, storage, and networking.…Read More


This is an overview of the features that make DC/OS more than the sum of its parts.…Read More


DC/OS is made up of many open source components, several of which existed before DC/OS. The terms used in this document may be similar to pre-existing terms that you are familiar with, however, they might be used in a different way with DC/OS.…Read More

High Availability

This page discusses the high availability (HA) features in DC/OS and best practices for building HA applications on DC/OS.…Read More


To continuously improve the DC/OS experience, a telemetry component is included that reports anonymous usage data to Mesosphere. This data is used to monitor the reliability of core DC/OS components, installations, user interface, and to find out which features are most popular.…Read More


This section contains technical details of specific DC/OS engineering implementations.…Read More

Feature Maturity

The purpose of the feature maturity phases is to educate customers, partners, and Mesosphere field and support organizations about the maturity and quality of features.…Read More