HAProxy Stats API 参考

由 HAProxy 实例暴露的端点

默认情况下,Edge-LB 池中的每个负载均衡器实例都会暴露端口 9090 上的几个端点。您也可以通过更改您的 pool.haproxy.stats.bindPort 来配置该端口。


路由 说明
<agent-ip>:9090/_haproxy_health_check Returns 200 OK if the instance is healthy
<agent-ip>:9090/_haproxy_getconfig Shows the current running haproxy.cfg for this instance
<agent-ip>:9090/_haproxy_getpids Shows the current running HAProxy process IDs. If there are more than one, HAProxy is in the process of reloading due to a configuration change
<agent-ip>:9090/haproxy?stats Shows the current connections and other useful statistics for this HAProxy instance
<agent-ip>:9090/haproxy?stats;csv Same information as haproxy?stats, but in .csv format