HAProxy API Reference

Endpoints exposed by HAProxy instances

By default, each load-balancer instance in an Edge-LB pool exposes a few endpoints on port 9090. This port can be configured by changing your pool.haproxy.stats.bindPort as well.


Route Description
<agent-ip>:9090/_haproxy_health_check Returns 200 OK if the instance is healthy
<agent-ip>:9090/_haproxy_getconfig Shows the current running haproxy.cfg for this instance
<agent-ip>:9090/_haproxy_getpids Shows the currently running HAProxy’s PIDs.
<agent-ip>:9090/haproxy?stats Shows the current connections and other useful statistics for this HAProxy instance
<agent-ip>:9090/haproxy?stats;csv Same information as haproxy?stats, but in .csv format