Edge-LB Pool Config Reference

Reference for all possible Edge-LB pool configuration values

This is a reference for all possible Edge-LB pool configuration values, as well as some examples to demonstrate various use-cases.

Configuration Reference

The API reference, in swagger format, containing all possible options and short descriptions of each endpoint can be found by running the following command:

dcos edgelb show --reference

For more information, see the CLI Reference Guide entry for dcos edgelb show.

Choose an API version at the left to view the appropriate configuration reference or examples.

API Versions

A new top level pool configuration field named apiVersion was introduced in Edge-LB v1.0.0. The two models are almost identical, with one important difference: pool.haproxy.backends.servers (in apiVersion V1) has been replaced with pool.haproxy.backends.services, with a more intuitive way to select services/backends for HAProxy.

NOTE: Edge-LB 1.0 and later supports both the V1 and V2 API for backwards compatibility. Therefore clients that were written against Edge-LB versions prior to Edge-LB 1.0 should work without any modifications with Edge-LB 1.0 and later. New setups should use API V2 as at some point V1 is going to be deprecated and then removed.

NOTE: The apiVersion field in the pool definition defaults to V2 if it was not provided. Hence, in order to use the V1 config, you must explicitly set the pool.apiVersion to `"V1"`.