Upgrading Edge-LB

Upgrading an Edge-LB installation

Perform an Edge-LB upgrade by following this procedure.

  1. Uninstall the apiserver.

    dcos package uninstall edgelb --yes
  2. Remove the old package repositories.

    dcos package repo remove edgelb
    dcos package repo remove edgelb-pool
  3. Add the new package repositories.

    dcos package repo add --index=0 edgelb \
      https://<insert download link>/stub-universe-edgelb.json
    dcos package repo add --index=0 edgelb-pool \
      https://<insert download link>/stub-universe-edgelb-pool.json
  4. Install the new apiserver. Use the service account created when installing the previous version; see Edge-LB Installation Guide for more information. The configuration file below matches the one created while following the install instructions.

    tee edgelb-options.json <<EOF
      "service": {
        "secretName": "dcos-edgelb/edge-lb-secret",
        "principal": "edge-lb-principal",
        "mesosProtocol": "https"
    dcos package install --options=edgelb-options.json edgelb

    EdgeLB also needs the following options to be specified. Their values depend on the security mode of the cluster it is running on:

    • service.mesosProtocol: "https" for Permissive and Strict security modes, "http" (default) for Disabled security mode
    • service.mesosAuthNZ: true (default) for Permissive and Strict security modes, false for Disabled security mode. Parameter is available begining version v1.1.
  5. Upgrade each pool.

    dcos edgelb update <pool-file>