Configuring EdgeLB Without TLS

Configuring EdgeLB Without TLS in DC/OS Minio

Accessing the Minio web interface with Edge-LB configuration


For Edge-LB pool configuration:

  1. Add repo of Edge-LB-aws.

    dcos package repo add --index=0 edgelb-aws \
  2. Add repo of Edge-LB-Pool-aws.

    dcos package repo add --index=0 edgelb-pool-aws \
  3. Install Edge-LB:

    dcos package install edgelb --yes
  4. Create the configuration JSON file edgelb-pool-config.json with required parameters to access Minio.

    Example without TLS:

    "apiVersion": "V2",
    "name": "minio",
    "count": 1,
    "haproxy": {
      "frontends": [
          "bindPort": 9001,
          "protocol": "HTTP",
          "linkBackend": {
            "defaultBackend": "miniodemo"
      "backends": [
        "name": "miniodemo",
        "protocol": "HTTP",
        "services": [{
          "endpoint": {
            "type": "ADDRESS",
            "address": "",
            "port": 9000
  5. Create the edgelb-pool using the JSON configuration file created in the preceding step:

    dcos edgelb create edgelb-pool-config.json
  6. Access Minio:

    http://<Public IP of the Public Node of the cluster>>:9001/minio

    Now you can connect with the Minio server using the Minio client on the public IP of the public agent running EdgeLB, and the port number at which Minio server is bound at EdgeLB.

    Figure 5 displays Minio accessed without TLS, showing a non-secure connection in the status bar.

Without TLS Figure 5. - Minio Browser without TLS