Backing up your data to AWS S3 storage

The DC/OS Minio service allows you to back up your data to AWS S3-compatible storage, using the mc mirror command. Minio provides an rsync-like command line utility. It mirrors data from one bucket to another.


The following values are required to back up your data:


Set your plan parameters as follows:

 'ACCESS_KEY_ID': access_key_id,
 'SECRET_ACCESS_KEY': secret_access_key

Back up

  1. Run the following command to start your backup plan:

    dcos miniod --name=<service_name> plan start <plan_name> -p <plan_parameters>
  2. To launch the backup plan, run the following command with the requisite parameters:

    dcos miniod --name=<SERVICE_NAME> plan start backup \

    Once this plan is executed, the backup will be uploaded to S3-compatible storage.

  3. A backup task will run the mc mirror command by taking ACCESS_KEY_ID and SECRET_ACCESS_KEY as parameters.

  4. It will create new buckets in the AWS S3-compatible storage according to the current snapshot or state of the Minio storage system.

  5. While creating a bucket in S3-compatible storage during backup, the task service name will be attached to the prefix of the actual bucket name in Minio.

  6. A synchronize-buckets command will delete the buckets in the AWS S3-compatible storage which were deleted in the Minio since the last backup.

  7. A separate Pod will be started at any Private Agent.

  8. An init script will register both Minio as well as an S3-compatible client.


    Figure 1. - Backing up to S3-compatible storage


    Figure 2. - Creation of bucket in S3-compatible storage

Specifying an S3-compatible storage endpoint

While deploying the service from a catalog, you can specify S3-compatible storage by providing the URL of that storage.


Figure 3. - Enter the storage URL


Figure 4. - S3-compatible storage (for example, Minio)