Restoring data backed up in AWS S3-compatible storage

The DC/OS Minio service allows you to restore the backed up data in AWS S3-compatible storage to the DC/OS Minio storage system. A restoration plan is especially useful in case disk or node failure prevents you from accessing your data. However, Minio is resilient to half the number of disk failures. The restoration plan will be useful if more than half the number of disks are corrupted.


The following values are required to restore your data:

  3. S3_BUCKET

The restore task is responsible for restoring the data in the DC/OS Minio storage system. The restore plan must be launched against each backed-up S3-compatible storage bucket. Once this plan is executed, it will restore the data in the specified bucket in AWS S3-compatible storage to DC/OS Minio.


  1. Run the following command to start your restore plan:

    dcos miniod --name=<SERVICE_NAME> plan start restore \
  2. The restore task will run the mc mirror command, taking ACCESS_KEY_ID, SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and S3_BUCKET as parameters.

  3. The restore task will create a bucket with the same name which was in the DC/OS Minio storage system previously; it will drop the prefix service name from the bucket which was attached in S3-compatible storage in the backup plan.


    Figure 2. - Restoring the data

A restore plan will execute the two aforementioned tasks serially.