Configuring DC/OS access for Minio


How to use Minio with DC/OS

How to use Minio with DC/OS

This section will get you up and running with a basic DC/OS Minio configuration in a short time.


  • A running DC/OS 1.11 cluster. (If you do not have one installed, see the instructions in Getting Started.)

  • DC/OS Minio requires at least four nodes to start in distributed mode. (DC/OS Minio requires that you start with an even number of nodes in distributed mode.)

  • Your DC/OS cluster must contain at least four private agents.

  • If DC/OS Secrets are enabled to specify credentials for DC/OS Minio, then the following Secrets must be created:


    where is the name by which Minio service is installed on DC/OS.


Minio can be installed via either the DC/OS Catalog web interface or by using the CLI.


The following command will launch installation via the DC/OS CLI:

dcos package install miniod 

You should see a response similar to this:

Via the web interface

Shown below are the steps to install Minio using the DC/OS Catalog web interface:

  1. Navigate to the Catalog screen and choose miniod from the list.

  2. The miniod package appears on the screen as shown below: Figure 1. - miniod package

  3. Click on the package and edit the configuration accordingly. Then click the Review & Run button to run the service. Node Count Figure 2. - Edit Configuration

  4. Once the service is started, verify that all the nodes are up and running by viewing the Tasks tab. Running Stage Figure 3. - Verify service is up and running

  5. Check the output log to verify that all the nodes of the DC/OS Minio server are up and running. Successful Execution Figure 4. - Service is installed successfully